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Yarn and sliver testing: Moving analysis from the lab into your pocket

Fast, easy, and non-destructive yarn and sliver testing on the production floor or before shipping products to customers - made possible by the SenoLab.

Hannah Szynal
Hannah Szynal

Jul 30, 2023

We have created a mobile device that will change the way you analyze samples and obtain measurement results – paving the way for a new era of yarn testing. Take Senorics’ handheld device onto the production floor to test slivers or analyze yarn before sending it to your customers. Quantify the amount of cotton and polyester in mixed fibers and yarns to make better decisions on how to process them. You can save time and resources simply by relying on the SenoLab.

Deeper insights with the SenoLab

SenoLab allows you to see the invisible, identifying yarns and their composition instantly. The included easy-to-understand SenoApp lets you analyze samples without any prior experience.

The main offer

  • SenoCorder: The mobile handheld device to perform non-destructive measurements.
  • SenoApp: The easy-to-use mobile app to analyze and store measurement results.
  • Applications: One application included and option to purchase additional applications.

What else is included

  • Subscription or single payment at a great pricing point
  • Comprehensive support from our team of experts
  • Influence the applications we develop by sharing your feedback

The SenoLab used to analyze yarn

Discover the possibilities

Test during production

Analyze the composition and quality of slivers during production and inspect yarns before shipping them to customers - quickly and non-destructively. Save time and resources by relying on the SenoLab rather than on time consuming and destructive chemical testing.

Inspect incoming yarn

Inspect incoming goods, such as blended yarns, for their composition and make better decisions about further processing. This also allows you to report inconsistencies in quality to suppliers immediately.

Ensure better dyeing results

Determine the composition of blended yarns to select the right dyeing process and ensure satisfactory results. Better manage your resources by planning how much dye you require.

The benefits at a glance

  • Cost-effective: The SenoLab is more affordable than laboratory analysis and enables you to know the precise composition of your yarns and organize your resources accordingly.
  • Fast and effortless: It used to take several days to send yarn samples to a laboratory and receive the results, and even internal laboratories would take 2-3 hours to provide analysis results. Now you can analyze yarns in less than a minute and the results are accessible instantly.
  • Safe and convenient: Until now, wet chemical analysis was the prevailing way of testing yarn and sliver samples. This method can be harmful to the health of employees, and it can only be conducted by properly trained staff. Additionally, only so many samples can be tested with this method, meaning some inconsistencies in quality may be overlooked. The SenoLab offers a simple solution to pre-analyze yarns and slivers directly on the production floor, requiring wet chemical analysis only if inconsistencies are detected. This saves you resources and protects your employees from exposure to harmful chemicals.
  • Easy to understand: You don’t require extensive knowledge to perform measurements with the SenoLab. The analysis can be conducted without prior experience and results are easy to interpret and understand.
  • Non-destructive: With the SenoLab you can measure yarn on the production floor without needing to cut samples off the yarn spool. Analyze yarns and sliver without destroying them and save valuable resources.
  • Mobile: The SenoLab works without any bulky elements. The measurement device is small, fitting easily into your hand and enabling measurements on the go.

SenoCOrder_on_yarn_rollThe SenoCorder placed on a roll of yarn, ready for measurements to be taken

How the SenoLab works

Just as every human being has a unique fingerprint, all materials have distinctive optical fingerprints that identify them. They give precise information about the material and its composition. By using these unique optical fingerprints, it is possible to identify and quantify different kinds of materials, or more specifically: different types of textile fibers and yarn compositions. This information cannot be seen by the naked eye but can be made visible by using the power of Material Sensing.

With Material Sensing, we have taken near-infrared spectroscopy from the laboratory and transferred its powerful capabilities onto a miniaturized chip. This allows you to conduct non-destructive yarn and sliver analysis quickly, easily, and wherever you are. It lays the foundation for better-informed decisions along the whole supply chain. If you would like to learn more about Material Sensing, take a look at this article on our blog.


The SenoLab enables you to conduct yarn and sliver testing in just a few simple steps. You can analyze their composition anytime and wherever you are – on the production floor, at the warehouse, or when selecting new suppliers. If you are interested in learning more or purchasing the device, simply contact


Hannah Szynal

I joined Senorics in October 2019 and am the company's Sales and Marketing Manager. My main responsibilities are strategic planning and leading the team towards reaching the company’s goals. I think that a task is only completed successfully when everyone involved had fun working on it. I’m also a real data nerd.


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