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The SenoCorder as white label device: Exploring the possibilities

White label devices with Material Sensing capabilities give industries the opportunity to expand their product range and create added value for customers.

Sunny Sidhartha
Sunny Sidhartha

Oct 15, 2022

“The main advantage of white label products is that they allow companies to enter new markets quickly and cheaply without having to develop their own products." That Company

Purchasing white label devices poses an easy way for a range of industries to benefit from the power of Material Sensing. Supermarkets can utilize such handheld devices to offer their customers a way of checking the freshness and ingredients of food, clothing retailers can allow shoppers to identify the composition and quality of textiles, and recycling facilities can enable individuals and organizations to pre-sort waste for the recycling process.

In this article we will explore two opportunities for white label devices with Material Sensing capabilities in more detail: garden tools and detectors for NIR absorbers.

White label devices for the garden

Senorics’ handheld devices potentially offer great benefit to garden centers, horticultural businesses, the agricultural industry, and their customers. The novel devices can be rebranded and sold as part of DIY kits or as separate products to allow consumers to continuously monitor plant and soil health in their gardens.

Additionally, such white label devices can be made available at garden centers for customers to test the health of plants before purchasing them. This builds trust into the brand and ensures customer satisfaction.

Senorics’ handheld device could be used to determine...

  • Nutrients present in the soil
  • Soil and plant health
  • Ripeness of fruit and vegetables
  • Sugar levels in fruit

Agrar_garden_planting© [Stock Rocket] / Adobe Stock

White label devices to detect NIR absorbers

We recently explained in another blog article that NIR absorbers offer a great way to protect brands and uncover counterfeit products.

Based on this, Senorics’ handheld devices can be used as white label products to detect NIR absorbers and help companies and individuals determine whether products are authentic. For example, big clothing manufacturers which apply NIR absorbers could provide such branded devices to their major customers and retailers, so that they can detect NIR absorbers and ensure the authenticity of the products.

Similarly, white label devices and NIR absorbing ink can be used for a broad range of other materials and products, such as building components, currency notes, and luxury goods.

SenoCorder_analyzing_textileSenoCorder used to analyze the composition of a shirt

Getting your own white label device

White label devices with Material Sensing capabilities are a great way to create additional value for consumers and build further trust in companies. They can be used in many different situations and for a wide range of materials.

Are you interested in getting your own white label product and reap the benefits? This is what you can expect:

  • Senorics’ hardware is fully developed and ready to be used
  • Depending on your application and ideas, we can customize the hardware for you
  • You can choose between existing applications or purchase a customized application that suits your needs
  • Together we will work on your solution until it meets your expectations

Would you like to know more about acquiring Senorics’ handheld devices as white label products? Contact us at for further information.


Sunny Sidhartha

I joined Senorics in March 2022 and am the Business Development Manager of the company. I’m adept in scaling business by developing new markets, as well as through strategic partnerships and collaborations. I am very driven and have made it my priority to develop the ideal business growth strategy to sell our products successfully on the B2B market.


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