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Protect your brand from fraud by using NIR absorbers

It might be worth to think about changing the way you protect your brand from counterfeits. Have you considered using NIR absorbers?

Hannah Szynal
Hannah Szynal

Jun 12, 2022

Until recently, the use of UV active markers was the first choice to protect brands and detect fraudulent materials. But since UV lamps and pens are now accessible to anyone anywhere, the technology is no longer suitable, as it can be forged easily. This is why many companies are looking for an alternative to protect their products.

NIR absorbers offer just that: a new and more secure alternative. The pigments absorb light in the near-infrared wavelengths range and can be used for fraud detection and brand protection. The market for NIR absorbers is still rather young. This is partly due to the fact that pigments can only be detected by spectrometers, which is an expensive and immobile undertaking. Additionally, there was no easy way of demonstrating the functionality of NIR absorbers. Today we will shed some light on how this is changing.

The benefits of NIR absorbers at a glance

A big advantage of NIR absorbers is that they barely change the characteristics of the material that they are applied on. They are invisible to the naked eye and only a small quantity is needed for the detection to work.

NIR absorbers also offer great benefits to the brands that use them. Consumers are more likely to trust a brand if they can be sure that their products are genuine. The use of NIR absorbers can also prevent reputational damages that may occur following the distribution of fraudulent goods. It is widely known that counterfeits are starting to look more genuine every day, but they still lack in quality when compared to the originals.

Our handheld device, the SenoCorder, presents an affordable and mobile solution for the fast and reliable analysis of materials. Based on NIR spectroscopy, it enables you to differentiate between originals and counterfeits effortlessly, and consequently to protect your brand and your customers.


What's possible? Exploring the use cases

  • Textiles: NIR absorbers can be applied in certain places on textiles for buyers, customs, and consumers to check their authenticity later. This is a fast and easy method to conduct quality analysis without damaging the textile or creating visible stains. It allows brands to target counterfeits more deliberately and gives their customers protection. The authenticity of goods can be checked simply by measuring the spot in which the NIR absorbers were applied.
  • Building components: Plastic components can be equipped with NIR absorbers to distinguish them from cheap knockoffs. This avoids the use of low-quality materials and the consequences that may arise.
  • Ink: NIR absorbers can also be blended into ink, which can be used to print on labels or packaging of luxury goods, for example for expensive cosmetics, alcohols, or certain medication. This ensures that their quality and authenticity can be checked easily.

No matter the type of NIR absorbers, we enable you to detect them on the go with our handheld device. This gives you the opportunity to prove the authenticity of your products to your customers ,customs officials, and other parties quickly and whenever you need to.

Which technology are you using to protect your brand and detect fraudulent materials? Send us an email to if you would like to further discuss the use of NIR absorbers.


Hannah Szynal

I joined Senorics in October 2019 and am the company's Sales and Marketing Manager. My main responsibilities are strategic planning and leading the team towards reaching the company’s goals. I think that a task is only completed successfully when everyone involved had fun working on it. I’m also a real data nerd.


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