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The SenoLab: Everything you need to know

The SenoLab offers and easy, affordable, and non-destructive way to analyze material compositions. But what exactly is included in the SenoLab?

Sunny Sidhartha
Sunny Sidhartha

Mar 26, 2023

With the release of the SenoLab we have enabled you to analyze materials easily and on the go. The novel solution allows you to carry out measurements for a broad range of materials, providing you with details about compositions instantly. No matter where you are, the information you need is just one touch of a button away.

But how does the handheld device work? When is it most useful? And what is included when purchasing the SenoLab? These are the questions we will explore in this article.

Made possible by the power of Material Sensing

The same way humans have a unique fingerprint, materials have a unique optical fingerprint. By using spectroscopy and chemometrics, we can make those fingerprints visible and identify, differentiate, and quantify materials and their compositions. We call this process Material Sensing, and it is the foundation of the SenoLab.

Matthias_Jahnel_holding_SenoCorderDr. Matthias Jahnel presenting the SenoCorder

Conducting measurements in a few simple steps

The SenoLab enables you to conduct measurements in a few simple steps. The analysis is non-destructive and takes only seconds.

You simply need to...

1.      connect the mobile device to SenoSoft or SenoApp and calibrate it,

2.     select the application you would like to use,

3.     place the device on your sample, and

4.     detect the material composition.

The possibilities: Current use cases

  • Brand protection: The application of NIR absorbers on textiles and other materials offers a new way to verify a products authenticity and protect brands from fraudulent goods. The SenoLab enables companies and individuals to detect NIR absorbers easily and differentiate between originals and counterfeits quickly and effortlessly.
  • Cannabis analysis: The global cannabis market is growing rapidly, making it crucial to give growers, pharmacies, and dispensaries access to a reliable and affordable way to analyze the quality of cannabis, determine THC levels and ensure consumer safety. The SenoLab enables non-destructive cannabis analysis to determine THC and CBD levels within seconds.
  • Yarn composition analysis: The SenoLab offers an accurate and low-cost solution that enables yarn manufacturers to conduct yarn analysis in the warehouse, on the production floor, or when choosing new suppliers. The quality and composition of yarn can be identified anywhere, and results are accessible instantly.
  • Textile analysis: Textiles can be identified and quantified within seconds, enhancing incoming goods inspection, recycling processes, and overall textile quality along the supply chain. The SenoLab enables a new era of fabric testing.

Our dedicated team is continuously working on developing new applications for a broad range of industries. The possibilities are almost limitless, and Material Sensing will grow to benefit companies and individuals of all backgrounds.

IMG_3306The SenoCorder analyzing textiles

A comprehensive package: What’s included?

The SenoLab consists of the easy-to-use SenoCorder handheld device, the SenoApp, and a free test application. It can be purchased or rented under a quarterly or yearly subscription. Users also receive appropriate user guides and get access to helpful video tutorials. All available applications, such as those for the identification and quantification of textile and yarns, can also be purchased under a subscription scheme.

Contact us at if you have further questions or would like to purchase the SenoLab.


Sunny Sidhartha

I joined Senorics in March 2022 and am the Business Development Manager of the company. I’m adept in scaling business by developing new markets, as well as through strategic partnerships and collaborations. I am very driven and have made it my priority to develop the ideal business growth strategy to sell our products successfully on the B2B market.


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