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Senorics enables sustainable practices & many industries can benefit

Senorics’ powerful sensor has a superior ecological footprint and offers opportunities for a broad range of industries to become more sustainable.

Hannah Szynal
Hannah Szynal

Jan 22, 2024

Senorics’ novel sensor solution based on organic electronics offers a sustainable alternative for industry applications. The production of the miniaturized chips is energy-efficient and the used organic electronic materials are non-toxic. Additionally, 90% of the used materials are sourced domestically, which ensures short procurement routes. These benefits stand in clear contrast to most competing sensor technologies.

In this article, we are going to take a closer look at how this small sensor with its superior ecological footprint can make the textile industry, the agricultural industry, and the food industry more sustainable.

Enabling better recycling processes for the textile industry

Senorics’ versatile technology can enable recycling centers and consumers to pre-sort textiles based on their composition and ensures better suited recycling processes. This can minimize the amount of unidentifiable textile waste and create a more sustainable textile industry. Similarly, Senorics’ technology can be used to sort plastic waste based on the type and composition of the plastics to ensure that they are recycled correctly. This can minimize the amount of unidentifiable plastic waste and protects our environment from plastic pollution.

Textile_recycling_collection© [kyrychukvitaliy] / Adobe Stock

Providing effective solutions for the agricultural industry 

There are several ways in which the agricultural industry can benefit from Senorics’ powerful sensor. Firstly, it enables farmers to analyze their agricultural produce on the field and in real time, determining the quality, ripeness, and ideal harvest time for their crop. Secondly, the sensor can be used to analyze the composition and quality of the animal feed to ensure a healthy stock and high-quality produce. Finally, the technology can also be used to determine the right amount of fertilizer to avoid the poisoning of the soil and protect the environment.

Ensuring healthier food for everyone

It’s nearly impossible to know the quality and nutritional values of the food we buy every day. Senorics’ technology is aiming at enabling consumers to assess the freshness and composition of fruit, vegetables, and meat at the supermarket to choose the products highest in quality that don’t contain any toxic additives. In the future the sensor could also be used determine the protein and nutritional values of food, allowing consumers to monitor their protein and nutrient intake and make healthier food choices.

Agrar_food_apple_producer© [Zoran Zeremski] / Adobe Stock

These are only a few ways in which Senorics’ sensor can make industries more sustainable and enhance existing processes. Now is the time for you to consider how Senorics can make your industry more sustainable. What are you waiting for?

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a possible cooperation, email us at


Hannah Szynal

I joined Senorics in October 2019 and am the company's Sales and Marketing Manager. My main responsibilities are strategic planning and leading the team towards reaching the company’s goals. I think that a task is only completed successfully when everyone involved had fun working on it. I’m also a real data nerd.


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