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Saxony’s semiconductor boom: A sustainable startup amid industry giants

The semiconductor sector in Saxony is booming and Senorics’ technology offers an innovative and sustainable alternative to current solutions.

Hannah Szynal
Hannah Szynal

Oct 29, 2023

The semiconductor sector in Dresden and Saxony is booming and Senorics is at the center of the development. The rapid growth of the industry is being fueled by players such as TSMC, Bosch and Infineon. Senorics rises to the challenges of the rapidly growing industry with its novel organic semiconductor technology: A startup among industry giants creating new opportunities and a sustainable alternative for the booming semiconductor industry.

Quality_control_of_Senorics_chipsQuality control of Senorics’ novel chips

The semiconductor boom: What is happening in Saxony?

The current semiconductor boom in Saxony, and more specifically in Dresden, is setting the sails towards a promising future for the industry. Billions of Euros are being invested into the region and the sector is expanding rapidly. The development is further amplified by Silicon Saxony, the biggest high-tech network in Saxony and the largest microelectronics cluster in Europe, and the well-developed infrastructure throughout the federal state. It seems that the industry in Germany is moving away from its heavy reliance on China and steering towards a more self-sustaining future. Industry giants such as TSMC, Bosch and Infineon are driving the expansion, but there are also smaller players that offer alternatives to longstanding, and partly outdated, solutions in the semiconductor industry.

A novel alternative to existing solutions: Senorics stirring up the industry

Senorics’ novel sensor solution based on organic electronics offers an innovative alternative for the industry. The sensor works on the basis of near-infrared spectroscopy and moves a well-established technology out of the lab and onto chip-level. The miniaturized chips are robust, spectrally powerful, affordable and enable material analysis within seconds. The applications are close to limitless, and the sensors can be integrated in almost any product or process.

CTO_Robert_Brückner_presenting_Senorics_sensorCTO Dr. Robert Brückner presenting Senorics’ powerful chip for Material Sensing

Senorics’ sensor: A sustainable choice

Next to being a novel and powerful alternative to current semiconductor solutions, Senorics’ technology is also a sustainable choice. The production of the miniaturized chips is energy-efficient and the used organic electronic materials are non-toxic, occur in abundance and are procured from ethical sources. Additionally, 90% of the used materials are sourced from German producers which ensures short procurement routes and avoids unnecessary imports.

These benefits of Senorics’ technology stand in clear contrast to most competing semiconductor sensor technologies, for example those that rely on indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs). InGaAs is a chemical compound classified as carcinogen and reproductive toxin. Thus, the disposal of electronics containing GaAs in landfills raises concerns about public health and environmental risks. Through the use of carbon-based organic materials, Senorics ensures a superior ecological footprint which aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals of responsible consumption and production and climate action.


Are you interested in our technology? Would like to find out more or support us on our mission to make our solution available to the mass market? Contact us at to discuss your inquiry with one of our dedicated team members.


Hannah Szynal

I joined Senorics in October 2019 and am the company's Sales and Marketing Manager. My main responsibilities are strategic planning and leading the team towards reaching the company’s goals. I think that a task is only completed successfully when everyone involved had fun working on it. I’m also a real data nerd.


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