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Festivities at the office: Senorics’ annual Christmas party

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at our office in Dresden. Take a look at some of the impressions from Senorics' annual Christmas party.

Valerie Morris
Valerie Morris

Dec 11, 2022

Earlier this month we held our Christmas party at the office in Dresden. The day started with annual review and forecast presentations to reflect on the past year and prepare for the next. Once the strategic part of the event was concluded we split up into 4 groups and got involved in a game show.

We sang Christmas songs and whichever team knew most of the lyrics from heart scored a point. Even those team members who are usually quiet sang at the top of their lungs and a couple of active choir members got to show off their talents. We also tasted and guessed food wearing a blind fold, participated in an egg run, gargled and guessed songs, got involved in a quiz, and attempted pantomime. In the end, the team “SenoOnes” claimed victory after a hard-fought competition.

Gameshow_food_tastingMatthias from team “SenoOnes” blind folded for the food tasting

Game_show_pantomimeAndreas from team “The Pinkys and the Brains” involved in a game of pantomime

Gameshow_winner_teamGameshow team and winner of the competition “SenoOnes”

After several hours of games everyone was hungry and gathered in the lounge for a delicious Christmas dinner. With several meat and vegetarian options there something for everyone’s taste. After dinner we sat together and exchanged our Secret Santa gifts.

Senorics_christmas_decorationChristmas decorations on the dinner table

Team_gift_exchangeThe team exchanging Secret Santa gifts

Secret_santa_giftsThe Secret Santa gifts

Another highlight of the evening were the chaos cards we received in the start of the party. Each card contained a task that we had to fulfill throughout the night. For example, one of us had to start a polonaise dance and motivate as many other as possible to join. Someone else had to join in on every conversation people were having about presents by commenting things like “Back when I was a child, we would have been happy with just a few oranges.”

We danced to 90s music until late into the night and a few of us stayed until 4am in the morning – talking, laughing, and playing table football. The Christmas party was a great success that offered another opportunity to bring the team closer together.

Table_footballLate night table football

Gameshow_team_SenoGuysGameshow team “SenoGuys”

Gameshow_team_lightwavesGameshow team “The light waves”

Gameshow_team_the _pinkys_and_the_brains”Gameshow team “The Pinkys and the Brains”

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Valerie Morris

I’m Senorics’ Content Creator. Most of the things you read on our website or on our social media accounts were written by me. I started working here in March 2020 when I was still living in Dresden. Now I have moved to New Zealand and work remotely from the opposite time zone.


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