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Ensuring consumer safety: Cannabis analysis made easy

With the cannabis market growing globally, the need for reliable analysis methods is increasing. But what does the SenoLab offer that rapid tests don't?

Hannah Szynal
Hannah Szynal

Feb 26, 2023

It has been projected that the global cannabis market will grow from $28.3 billion in 2021 to $197.7 billion by 2028. With the steep increase in market size and consumer demand, the importance of reliable analysis tools to ensure consumer safety grows equally fast. Current rapid tests can only determine whether THC and CBD are present in a sample. However, more evolved analysis tools such as the SenoLab enable users to determine the percentage of THC and CBD content in cannabis flowers and cannabis products.

The need for reliable cannabis analysis methods is obvious, but how is analysis currently conducted and how can it be done faster and more affordably in the future? That is the question we will explore today.

What are THC and CBD?

Tetrahydrocannabinol, commonly known as THC, is the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. Countries all over the world set different THC limits for medicinal and recreational marijuana, making cannabis analysis and the ability to determine THC levels indispensable.

Cannabidiol, typically known as CBD, is another component of cannabis. Contrary to THC, CBD is not psychoactive. Over the past years, CBD products such as oral drops, oils, and topicals, have gained popularity in many countries. The component is often used for its anti-inflammatory properties and its calming effects. The rise of CBD products has made CBD testing an important tool to ensure the quality of products and consumer safety.

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How pharmacies analyze medicinal cannabis

According to Sven Lobeda, a pharmacist based in Dresden, Germany, cannabis testing in pharmacies is often conducted with the help of rapid cannabis tests. While these tests are reliable, they take 15 minutes to show a result and are fiddly in their application. Additionally, rapid cannabis tests only give information about whether THC is present in the sample, not about the exact amount of THC. However, information about the exact content would be beneficial, as the THC levels of cannabis flowers can decrease during long supply chains and become less effective.

Analyze cannabis more easily with the SenoLab

The SenoLab offers an easy and reliable way to determine THC levels within seconds. This allows growers, pharmacies, and dispensaries to stay in line with government guidelines and ensure the safety of consumers. Additionally, it allows pharmacies to test THC levels before handing the medicinal cannabis to patients, so that patients can adjust their intake should the THC levels differ from their prescription.

Senorics is currently cooperating with the Humboldt University Berlin and several other institutions to develop an application that could revolutionize the industry. So far, more than 400 measurements have been conducted and an application to determine THC and CBD levels is available for testing.

The possibilities at a glance

  • Determine THC levels: Use the SenoLab to determine levels of tetrahydrocannabinol in medical and recreational cannabis to stay in line with government guidelines and to ensure consumer safety.

  • Determine CBD levels: Use the SenoLab to determine levels of cannabidiol in CBD products to provide consumers with correct information about composition and quality and reduce the risk of adverse reactions.

  • Ensure quality parameters: Protect consumer by being transparent about cannabis components and their quality. Provide a reliable testing method to verify quality standards quickly and easily.

© [Joshua Resnick] / Adobe Stock

The legalization of cannabis in many countries around the world makes it crucial for growers, pharmacies, dispensaries and even consumers to determine THC levels in cannabis quickly, easily, and affordably. The SenoLab offers a reliable tool that can take cannabis analysis to a new level - ensuring product quality and consumer safety.

Watch this German TV report on YouTube published by Galileo to learn more about current cannabis analysis in pharmacies and the advantages of the SenoLab. You can contact us at if you have any questions or product inquiries.


Hannah Szynal

I joined Senorics in October 2019 and am the company's Sales and Marketing Manager. My main responsibilities are strategic planning and leading the team towards reaching the company’s goals. I think that a task is only completed successfully when everyone involved had fun working on it. I’m also a real data nerd.


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