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CSCCD 2024: major highlights from the event

Do you want to get the gist? Join us for a recap of Senorics' inaugural Cannabis Social Club Community Day (CSCCD).

Ibrahim Abubakari
Ibrahim Abubakari

Apr 15, 2024

The maiden edition of the Cannabis Social Club Community Day (CSCCD), which took place on Saturday March 23rd, 2024, at the premises of Senorics, was a resounding success, with nearly 70 participants from cannabis social clubs across Germany. 

The success of the event was made possible by the collective effort of our colleagues who, on the eve of the event, came together to support us in any way they could. Some brought delicious snacks and fruits for our guests. Others contributed with their time and energy to prepare the event venue, and some helped to diligently put the goodie bags together. Later that day, it was all cheers and excitement in the office when we got the news that the German parliament had finally passed the cannabis legalization bill. It was what could perfectly be described as a day marked by camaraderie and anticipation.  

20240322_143228.jpg-1The team preparing name tags for attendees

The event day kicked off with a welcoming address by our CEO, followed by an insightful presentation by the keynote speaker, Lisa Katharina Haag from MJ Universe, on the topic “Cannabis as a Future Opportunity: Professionalization through Systems.”

_MG_2577_ (1)our CEO Dr. Christian Körner giving the welcoming address

Shortly after, we had Dr. Marcus Geschwandtner and Prof. Dr. Joachim Bloehs from GrowUp! Consulting at the podium with enlightening presentations on the legal requirements for establishing a cultivation association. 

A special mention goes to Maximilan Plenert from KCG Kompetenzzentrum Cannabis GmbH, who stepped in as a replacement for one of our speakers at short notice and spoke on the important topic of how to collect, use and protect user data according to the German cannabis law (CanG).

Up next at the podium was Alexander Gomer from 420cloud with a presentation on how digital technologies can revolutionize cannabis cultivation in associations and help increase efficiency. 

Pieter Klaassen of CANNA Germany, a renowned figure in the cannabis cultivation industry with nearly two decades of expertise, also took his turn to share with the audience tips and tricks for productive cultivation of cannabis by social clubs.    

Yannick Wolfsteiner from Buds& Leaves, who is a seasoned phytopathologist, gave a captivating presentation on his company’s cutting-edge cannabis cultivation unit. 

20240323_110757 (1)Speaker engaging the audience

We closed the day with a lively panel discussion and Q&A session where the panelists took the opportunity to delve into the intricacies of founding a cannabis social club. There was a eureka moment when participants realized that a CSC is not just a hobby and should be viewed with an entrepreneurial lens. 

_MG_2611_Dr. Marcus Geschwandtner, Maximilian Plenert, Yannick Wolfsteiner, Alexander Gomer, and Christian Körner

An intriguing side attraction that captivated attendees was the Cannatainer from Buds and Leaves placed outside in our parking lot. The Cannatainer is an innovative all-in-one cannabis cultivation unit.

_MG_2605_Buds & Leaves showcasing their Cannatainer

The day wound down with an amazing get-together event in Dresden-Neustadt. It was the perfect atmosphere for our guests to unwind, connect, and keep the interesting conversations going. 

We are incredibly grateful to all the participants who made this event a success. The discussions and insights shared during the event have only strengthened our commitment to being a part of the conversation around cannabis in Germany and the world at large. 

The next CSCCD event promises to be even bigger and better, and we are already looking forward to it. 



Ibrahim Abubakari

I'm a working student at Senorics and started my journey in the sales and marketing team in May 2023. Currently, I strive to balance academic rigor with the quest to hone my skills in impactful marketing and strong sales. Within the team, I am known for my optimism and for lifting the team spirit.


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