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An interview with Senorics’ CTO Dr. Robert Brückner

Dr. Robert Brückner, Senorics' co-founder and CTO, shares insights into his journey at the company, current projects, and the future of Material Sensing.

Valerie Morris
Valerie Morris

Mar 15, 2023

Senorics’ co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Dr. Robert Brückner received his Diploma in physics from TU Dresden in 2009. In 2012, he wrote his dissertation under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Karl Leo. Following this, he was offered a position at MIT in Cambridge, but instead of accepting it, he decided to do something more disruptive: he co-founded Senorics in 2017.

Dr. Robert Brückner has taken the time to answer a few questions about his journey at the company, how he imagines the future of Material Sensing, and current projects.

CTO_Robert_BrücknerDr. Robert Brückner, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

What made you decide to co-found Senorics?

“I was intrigued by the brand-new invention, which really disrupted common lab spectroscopy. The novel miniaturized sensors that enable mobile Material Sensing seemed promising to me and the team was very inspiring.

The ecosystem in Dresden and the support we received from TU Dresden and the EXIST research transfer program was also an important factor in my decision to become a co-founder, as it lowered the hurdles for our enterprise significantly.”

What is driving you in your position as CTO?

“I’m driven by constant innovation, our strong multidisciplinary team, and the vision to integrate our sensor into the latest smartphones.

I’m also driven by the milestones we have already achieved. We started 6 years ago with our heads full of visionary ideas and only a single prototype in our hands. The biggest challenge was to reproduce that first prototype, advancing its performance and design and bringing it into serial production. We successfully conducted the first scaling step, and we are also proud to having satisfied the high requirements of our strategic partner ZEISS, who will integrate our sensors into the next generation of their products.”

CTO_Robert_Brückner_holding_Senorics_chipDr. Robert Brückner presenting Senorics' chip at 5th anniversary

How do you imagine Senorics' future in terms of further technological developments?

“We created a clear roadmap, which is pointing towards extremely miniaturized solutions that are ready to be implemented into consumer electronics. On this route, we are already producing miniaturized working demonstrators and cooperate with OEM-manufacturers.

Another promising path is targeting specific spectral regions and the possibility of customizing wavelengths ranges to match customer requirements. That would enable cost-optimized solutions.”

What are you currently working on?

“Currently, the biggest challenges are stabilizing our production and preparing the next scaling step. That is done by developing even smaller sensors and increasing the production capacity. Furthermore, we are enabling additional applications in various fields, e.g., the analysis of yarns and textiles, and the identification and quantification of THC in medicinal cannabis.”

Let’s say Senorics’ chip gets implemented into a smartphone next week. Is there something that you would really like to use it for in your personal life?

“I'm very conscious of what I buy at the supermarket. The quality, freshness, and origin of my food are important to me. That's why I would use my smartphone to choose the most nutritious fruit, vegetables, and meat available.

I also have a small garden and would love to be able to check the health of my high value crops, like herbs and strawberries. My lawn bothers me as well: Do I need to fertilize it? Which NPK-mixture fits best? Our technology could answer these questions within seconds.”


If you would like to learn more about our technology and possible use cases, head to our website, explore our YouTube channel, or contact us at


Valerie Morris

I’m Senorics’ Content Creator. Most of the things you read on our website or on our social media accounts were written by me. I started working here in March 2020 when I was still living in Dresden. Now I have moved to New Zealand and work remotely from the opposite time zone.


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