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Andreas Hofacker: A day in the life of a data scientist

Would you like to know what the day of a data scientist looks like? Andreas Hofacker is going to give you insight into his responsibilities at Senorics.

Valerie Morris
Valerie Morris

Mar 27, 2022

At Senorics we have a whole team of data scientists that work tirelessly to enhance our products. Data science plays an important role when it comes to the collection and monitoring of performance data. It is used to simulate certain conditions and closely examine the functionality of our technology. It makes us aware of weak spots that need to be attended and lets us improve our products continuously.

But how exactly do data scientists do that? What tasks are included?

One of our trusted data scientists, Andreas Hofacker, has taken the time to answer a few questions and tell us a bit more about his work at Senorics. Andreas studied physics in Marburg, Germany before moving to Dresden to write his doctoral thesis on the theory and simulation of organic semiconductors. He joined Senorics’ research and development team in April 2020, just before finishing his thesis.


What are you main tasks and responsibilities at Senorics?

“A big part of my job is to analyze the physical behavior of our devices, for example their behavior in different temperatures and climates. For that I use data-based methods. I collect data by planning and executing experiments and simulations with my colleagues and evaluating the results with the help of physics.

I am also involved in building chemometric models, in developing software for internal use, and in creating physical simulations of devices and components to support our hardware development.”

Can you tell me a bit more about the temperature simulations?

“Of course. When we are analyzing the temperature behavior of our modules and devices, we use a climate chamber. It enables us to simulate different temperatures and levels of humidity. The collected data gives us information on how the solutions function in a range of different climatic conditions. That information allows us to tweak and adjust our devices and applications so that their performance is unaffected by climate conditions.

So for example, our customers could use the handheld device in a cold room at 0°C, or outside in the midst of summer at 35°C to take measurements, and the results wouldn’t be affected by the varying temperatures and humidity levels. This is also beneficial if two parties are analyzing supposedly the same materials in different parts of the world and in different climate zones. If they were to experience any deviations, they could be sure that they aren’t caused by the technology but by actual differences in the material composition.

These simulations ultimately lead to the optimization of our products and ensure customer satisfaction.“


What does a normal workday look like for you?

“My workdays are quite diverse due to the multitude of my tasks, but I do try to stick to a certain structure. I work remotely most of the time which means that I’m very flexible in my time and task management.

I start the day with our daily team meeting where we update each other on what happened the prior day and what we have planned for the day ahead. It also gives everyone the opportunity to ask questions and get support if they need it. After that I catch up on emails and messages, plan my day and attend to some smaller tasks like data analysis, coding, code review, or experiment planning. After lunch I usually have a few meetings. The afternoon is spent with more difficult tasks that tend to take longer. I find it much easier to focus on those in the afternoon compared to the morning.”

What do you like best about working at Senorics?

“It offers a lot of opportunities for creative solutions. When I present an idea or come up with a certain solution, I always feel heard and often we will try to implement it right away. The easy and direct communication between me and my colleagues makes working together very pleasant. We make progress without much friction on the way. I also find it very rewarding that I encounter so many different topics and get to work on a variety of applications. It keeps things interesting, and I feel like I learn a little more every day. It doesn’t get boring or dull at Senorics, certainly not in my department.”


Is there anything you would like to add, something you would like our readers to know?

“I guess I would just add that if you are looking for a job in data science, keep an eye out for openings at Senorics. If you like creative work with data and are curious about a multitude of applications, working at Senorics would be a great opportunity for you.”


We would like to take this opportunity to thank Andreas Hofacker for his time and his willingness to participate in this interview. What did you learn from this article? Have you got a better understanding of data science and what’s involved in the field?

If your interest was sparked and you are looking for a new professional challenge, keep an eye on our job openings or send us an initiative application. Our company is growing continuously, and we are always looking for new data scientists and other professionals to join our team.


Valerie Morris

I’m Senorics’ Content Creator. Most of the things you read on our website or on our social media accounts were written by me. I started working here in March 2020 when I was still living in Dresden. Now I have moved to New Zealand and work remotely from the opposite time zone.


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